Friday, September 23, 2016

A Touching Moment

I had the honor of delivering one of the Power of the Quilt Project's lap robes to a dear friend this summer. This was a new experience for me.

I've known him for most of my life - so that's about 50 years or so now - and he is married to my very best friend.

Cris Crawford, our PQP coordinator, selected a handsome navy blue, white, and gold lap robe that was beautifully made. It just so happened that I had been part of the "pinning" group when the backing material was added. The material was dark, with a whimsical series of Betty Boop cartoons in white all over. Betty was on a motorcycle, Betty was driving in an old car, Betty was up to all kinds of shinanigans in this print!

Betty Boop happened to be my mother's favorite cartoon character, and my friend enjoyed my mother a lot over the years. He also used to ride a motorcycle and loves old cars. I felt sure that this quilt would bring a smile his way, despite all that he is going through, living with cancer.

Because I had helped make this quilt (granted, in an incredibly small way), I was eager to deliver it to my friend at his home.

He was moved beyond words.

That's all I can say. He loved it ,and he loves that the church is involved in this special ministry, providing people like him with such an incredibly amazing personal gift - bringing a smile to his face, joy to his heart, and a tear to his eye.

I don't know who created the majority of this quilt, but if you're reading this blog, and it sounds familiar, thank you for your work of art. A labor of love, I know.

You may never know the impact of your gift, but rest assured, an impact is made!

God bless the quilters involved in this program, for they are bringing joy to others through their service work.

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