Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Quilt-A-Thon a Success!

In total, 17 volunteers from surrounding communities gathered together for the recent Power of the Quilt Project (PQP) all-day spring quilt-a-thon held at the Unitarian Universalist Area Church in Sherborn, Mass. 

Natick Girl Scout Leader Christine Schell arranged for several Scouts to participate. Pictured below (l to r) are Schell with Chelsea Eaton, Savannah Kaltofen and Z Peverill-Conti. (Not pictured: Scout Ellie Schelleng)

Natick Girl Scouts learn how to build quilt kits during the spring
quilt-a-thon as part of their Fiber Arts Merit Badge.

Each quilt - a unique work of art.

Each of 20 quilts was hand-finished with the cloth label that describes the project as a joint partnership between the UUAC and the Rhododendron Needlers Quilt Guild of Walpole. 

Afterwards, a sampling of the completed quilts was hung for a week’s display in the church sanctuary.

PQP Coordinator Cris Crawford gets in some machine time.

Since the Power of the Quilt Project’s inception in 2003, 2,120 colorful quilts have been assembled and disseminated to individuals undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Donna Allen shows us this quilt's colorful design.

A quilt is a tangible connection from the giver to the recipient which says he or she is a person worth caring for. The power of this caring can provide hope during a scary and lonely time. Even quilt recipients who are part of a large community of friends and family members find peace and comfort snuggled up with a homemade quilt.

Thanks to everyone who shared the day with us! 

Quilt on!!

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