Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Longarm, Big Heart

Kate and Tom Wellen opened Creative Longarm Partners as a home-based studio in Marlborough, Mass. in 2015, and as a two-person team, they can provide fast turnaround and professional design services.

Kate has been sewing and quilting for more than 50 years. Her passion for sewing shows in the quality and creativity of every item she touches. Her husband and co-owner, Tom, is a retired financial officer who now enjoys being a professional Gammill Statler Stitcher quilter.

"We offer hundreds of stitch designs," Tom said, "and each pattern can result in 30,000 to nearly 70,000 stitches per quilt. These designs add a kind of 3-D quality to any piece that makes the final product even more special."

Kate and Tom Wellen of Creative Longarm Partners are happy to help.

Together, they will customize designs and tweak stitch patterns to get just the right finishing touch for your special project.

A close-up of Tom's handiwork (Ocean Waves) on one comfort quilt.

Kate and Tom also believe in giving back to the community when they can. Recently, the couple learned about The Power of the Quilt Project, sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Area Church, First Parish in Sherborn and offered to Longarm two to three quilts each month at no charge.

"If quilters are donating their time and talent to such a good cause, we're happy to help with that," Kate added, after learning that the Project donates handmade comfort quilts yearlong to individuals undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

"We are grateful for the support of Creative Longarm Partners and the generosity of co-owners Kate and Tom Wellen," Cris Crawford, The Power of the Quilt Project coordinator remarked. "This partnership is very meaningful and we welcome it."

To learn more about the many services of Creative Longarm Partners, visit the company's website at To schedule an appointment for their professional quilting services, call 508-451-0749.

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